On April 7th 2014, during episode 3 of the 7th season of Mad Men, the character Michael Ginsberg (a young creative genius) was referred to as “lightning in a bottle”. I have to admit that was the moment I knew what the theme of my agency was going to be. Cliché for an ad guy? Sure, however I unapologetically love Mad Men.

The full expression is “like trying to catch lightning in a bottle”, sometimes “to keep lightning in a bottle”, and it describes something that’s extremely difficult, perhaps bordering on the impossible. It can express the idea that a person has succeeded in trapping the essence of some elusive creative process. - Michael Quinion

At the time, I was Creative Director for Owens Harkey in Uptown Phoenix (OH Partners).  I presented the tagline to the owners to minimal enthusiasm and it was never adopted.  I went as far as to get one of their account executives to pose for an impromptu photograph using an old acid bottle I found at a local vintage shop.

Fast-forward to today: The Idealistic has been growing steadily for over a year and the account executive pictured above, Hector Galvez, is now the president of Galvez and Associates, one of the most talented and capable Hispanic marketing agencies in the country. Together we occupy the creative loft in The Monorchid Gallery on 2nd Street and Roosevelt in Downtown Phoenix.

What we offer both individually and particularly as a team is lightning in a bottle indeed. Having been part of a number of teams within a variety of organizations, I am confident that the creative and strategic services we offer is not something one should assume to receive from every agency. To be clear, there are great creative agencies out there, we are one of them and we’re just getting started.





Creative Director & Founder

The Idealistic Agency